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Welcome to the Gulf South Quality Network, L.L.C. (GSQN), a clinically integrated physician network dedicated to maximizing the value of healthcare services delivered to patients throughout the Gulf South region. Our membership consists of a wide range of physicians from multiple specialties who are continuously striving to improve the quality of patient care and manage the increasing cost of healthcare. Our primary goal is to offer patients, employers and health plans the highest value for their healthcare dollar.

The GSQN offers an extensive variety of resources for not only physicians, but patients, healthcare providers and employers. Learn how the GSQN can help meet your healthcare needs:

  • Patients: Learn why GSQN physicians are the best providers to meet your healthcare needs
  • Providers: See how being a member of the GSQN will support and enhance your individual efforts to provide the highest value care to your patients
  • Employers: Learn how the GSQN can provide your employees with a high-quality healthcare network that can help you to improve the health status of your workforce and curb the escalation of your health benefits expenses
  • Health Insurers: See how partnering with the GSQN can help you to improve your subscribers’ health and satisfaction while addressing your cost and utilization concerns

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The Gulf South Quality Network's leadership team would like to invite you to join our physician-led network. The GSQN is an innovative model for physician collaboration that establishes a new level of alignment and cooperation between and among our member physicians. The GSQN will create a structured, shared effort among our physicians around active and ongoing clinical, quality and efficiency initiatives that are designed to improve our health care services and create efficiencies for patients, health plans and employers. We believe our network offers physicians such as yourself, the opportunity to join a large, clinically integrated, multi-specialty network, while retaining your independence.

In addition, member physicians may be eligible, through the GSQN, to obtain financial rewards, funded by contracted health plans, both in the form of quality-enhanced fee schedules and performance-based bonus payments.

Our membership currently consists of over 600 physician members who are actively engaged in ongoing efforts to improve the quality of care their patients receive while simultaneously working to control the cost and utilization of the healthcare services they provide. By coordinating patient care, physician members not only have the unique opportunity of providing higher healthcare value but also negotiating contracts with commercial payers as a group.

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