Mission Statement

To unite physicians committed to medical innovation and continuously improving the overall health and service of care of their patients.


GSQN will create a unified community of physicians focused on elevating the overall value of healthcare services delivered to patients. GSQN will establish a culture that inspires medical innovation; provides the tools for physicians to improve communication and build trust; and will treat patients responsibly, respectfully and individually.

Core Values

  • COMPASSION: To recognize and treat each patient as an individual, be considerate of their time, and nurture their overall well-being.
  • TRUST: To uphold honesty and integrity among our physicians and their patients through transparent and clear communication.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: To be knowledgeable and thoughtful in approach, efficient with resources, and respectful of others.
  • TEAMWORK: To promote relationship building and cooperation among physicians to ensure the comprehensive exchange of information and highly coordinated patient care.
  • INNOVATION: To inspire medical advancement through technology and creative collaboration.