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We are looking for highly qualified and motivated individuals to join with us in forging the future of quality medical care!

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Current Openings:



Administrative Assistant

Department: Clinical Operations and Quality

Reports to: Directors of Clinical Operations and Quality

Status: Exempt

Job Summary:

The administrative assistant (AA) will assist the Clinical Operations and Quality teams with administrative, secretarial and clerical support. This position requires mature judgment in the establishment of work priorities and the efficient management of time and resources in a fast-paced environment.  The AA is responsible for the filing and safeguard of certain contracts, documents and correspondence.  The AA will be expected to maintain a high level of confidentiality with all work-related matters.  Additional duties include assisting with presentations, maintaining certain databases, working with pivot charts and answering multi-line phones.  The AA must be able to communicate effectively with internal and external team members in a professional manner.


Job Qualifications:

  • 5 years administrative experience
  • Proficient in Word, Power Point, Visio and Excel
  • Type 50 words per minute

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Clinical Data Analyst

Department: Clinical Operations

Reports to: Director of Clinical Operations

Status: Exempt


Job Summary:

The position of Clinical Data Analyst (CDA) supports the network by analyzing data from various technology tools to support the network in attaining quality and utilization performance goals. The CDA will be responsible for ensuring the integrity, accuracy, timeliness, and individualized reporting ability of the assigned databases.


The CDA must be able to review utilization and expense data, to analyze trends and generate reports for network initiatives.  Candidates need to have advanced Excel, SQL and Power Point skills.


The CDA will collaborate with Clinical Operations team and the clinical field team at each local chapter to establish strategies to promote increased physician engagement and performance improvement.


Additional responsibilities will include creating physician performance reports and scorecards as well as support the team in driving all quality measure goals set forth by the network.


Essential Functions:

  • Develop, implement, and maintain automated and integrated methodologies for reporting
  • Develop and maintain monthly and annual physician clinical performance report cards
  • Support initiatives through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data
  • Ability to prioritize and/or rank identified opportunities in collaboration with the Quality Analyst and other clinical field team members
  • Demonstrate strong analytical and interpersonal communication skills
  • Act as decision support for the CI network
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment


Minimum Requirements:

2 – 4 years of health care data analysis and experience in managed care required. Demonstrate strong analytical skills and possess high-level interpersonal communication skills to interact effectively with all levels within the organization. Excellent computer skills, as well as a thorough understanding of decision support systems and predictive modeling tools.

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Clinical Pharmacist

Department: Quality

Reports to: V.P. of Quality

Status: Exempt

Job Summary:

The Clinical Pharmacist will support the Gulf South Quality Network, L.L.C. (GSQN) clinical integration network by utilizing data from various technology tools to educate its physician members about their quality and utilization performance.  The Clinical Pharmacist will be responsible for ensuring the integrity, accuracy, timeliness, and individualized reporting ability of the assigned databases to the network.

Additionally, the Clinical Pharmacist establishes and coordinates all clinical pharmaceutical services for GSQN.  The Clinical Pharmacist will assist in the development and monitoring of pharmacy services including formulary management, high costs medications, antibiotic utilization, outpatient infusion services and medication use analytics.  The Clinical Pharmacist will acts as an advisor, educator and consultant to the physician network and clinical field teams regarding clinical pharmacy programs and optimal pharmaceutical care. The Clinical Pharmacist participates in strategic planning and goal setting for the network.

Job Duties:

  • As part of a collaborative healthcare team, designs recommends, implements, monitors, and evaluates patient pharmacotherapy at a network level
  • Assesses and monitors patient pharmacotherapy on an on-going basis, with the goal of ensuring appropriate, safe, effective medication therapy
  • Works with clinical field teams and physician network to establish clinical pathways, protocols and order sets.  Documents variance from these guidelines and communicates appropriately
  • Participates in network quality improvement initiatives
  • Creates reports from various technology tools to assure appropriate care, most clinically and cost effective care, and compliance to network and local chapter policies and procedures, i.e., clinical pathways
  • Participates in Quality Committee meetings
  • Meet with physicians and physician groups to educate and discuss pharmacy opportunity


Job Qualifications:

  • Louisiana licensed pharmacist  
  • Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy from a college accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE)  
  • Advanced degree, Pharm D, PhD preferred
  • Minimum of two years post graduate clinical pharmacist experience in institutional pharmacy; preferably 5 or more years of progressive clinical experience.
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.  
  • Strong computer and software skills required
  • Demonstrated skills in teaching, communication, problem-solving, and project management required
  • Process improvement training a plus
  • Travel required.

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Director of Operations


Job Summary


This position works with the President and leadership to plan, develop, implement, and operate physician-driven activities and hospital programs within the network that serve to align doctors in a way that drives improvements clinical quality and efficiency, and result in more hospital effective, value-based relationships with payors.  These activities involve: establishing effective network-model physician relationships that are inclusive of both independent and employed physicians; developing inpatient and ambulatory programs, in collaboration with willing physicians that drive improved quality and cost-effectiveness; securing infrastructure (both systems and personnel) that can effectively monitor and change physician performance; and engaging payors in innovative arrangements that reward better, more efficient care.  This position will coordinate and mange each of the regional and local chapter members to assure success with our movement to a statewide network.


In assisting the president, the incumbent participates in strategic planning processes to establish and attain the goals of the organization. The incumbent is responsible to ensure that all policies, procedures and outcomes of assigned areas ensure quality patient care, effective delivery of patient care services, effective medical staff relations, fiscal responsibility, and excellent people and service skills.


Reporting Relationship:


Reports directly to and supports the President.


Job Requirements:


  • Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration; Business Administration or related area.
  • Requires demonstrated project management skills.
  • Requires knowledge and experience in finance; strategic planning and community relations.
  • Requires interpersonal, negotiation and presentation skills; with the ability to lead groups and programs.
  • Requires a visionary with the ability to think in a positive and creative manner.
  • Requires well developed administrative and management skills.
  • Requires knowledge of state and national regulatory agency guidelines.
  • Requires knowledge of state and federal laws relative to assigned area.
  • Requires effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Requires problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Requires 5 years of health care industry experience


Essential Functions:


Operations and Administration:


This position will provide leadership in the initial design of the various models that support the goals described above. On an ongoing basis, this position provides support in both strategic and operational planning of the services and operations of these various models. Ensures that departments within assigned areas (both direct and matrix reporting relationships) produce the necessary outcomes to support patient services as required by the level of acuity and patient mix. Leads the development of recommendations and practices that impact both health system operations and corporate services and is accountable for operational outcomes including clinical, service and fiscal resources.  In concert with the President, executive management team, and physician leadership, establishes strategic, financial and operational goals and policies of the organization.  


Continuous Improvement:

Ensures the quality of services through the development and documentation of quality monitoring system and/or program evaluation reflected through key technology indicators.



Ensures services are coordinated with other department services and corporate plans such that existing health system technology, personnel, and other resources are optimized in the development of the programs described above. As part of the overall corporate strategy, the incumbent is responsible for maintaining an internal communication system that includes medical staff and other departments to ensure total quality patient care. Interacts with all areas of the organization and has direct impact on decisions that affect all departments and represents the organization in an executive capacity to external contracts. Provides ongoing system of communication for all employees throughout the organization.  Communicates network configuration and related data to network payors.


Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

In collaboration with the President and Director of Quality, assists in the development and continual modification of the GSQN’s operating plan to support the realization of the established vision, goals and objectives.


Identifies resource requirements (financial, capital and human resources), both short-term and long-term, to carry out the operating plan in the manner consistent with achieving the organization’s vision, goals and objectives.


Chapter Development:

Oversees, tracks key performance indicators and helps manage chapter operations throughout the organization to assure development stays on schedule and is compliant to Clinically Integrated guidelines; identifies shared resource requirements and communicates requirements and resource gaps to the GSQN; communicates the vision, goals and objectives to GSQN shared resources for the purpose of identifying required activities to be performed to meet the established goals; supports the President in the presentation of the annual operation budget and budget updates to the Board of Managers for their approval; assists in developing departmental and consolidated annual operational plans; Oversees GSQN operations including, but not limited to: GSQN quality assurance and improvement; Participating Member performance evaluation, reporting, and remediation; GSQN marketing material development and distribution; GSQN communication plan development and implementation; oversees and actively contributes to the development of a business case/value proposition to be communicated to external stakeholders for the purpose of ensuring that the organization’s vision, goals and objectives are achieved.


Develops and modifies policies that ensure that the GSQN mission and values are represented in all actions and activities of GSQN staff; assists the GSQN committee chairs in all aspects of preparation and the conducting of committee meetings.


Financial Management:

Participates in the development of annual operating and capital plans and budgets that support patient service requirements and contributes to the fiscal health of the organization.


Service Management:

Ensures the operations, systems, and services related to the arrangements described above are organized and delivered in a manner that optimizes service satisfaction of patients and families.



Ensures that an annual operating plan, inclusive of objectives and resource allocations, is completed in accordance with the planning cycle. Provides leadership and direction for the directors and managers. Makes recommendations that impact corporate philosophy and policies. Provides leadership in the planning of strategies in effective and efficient utilization of personnel, financial, medical, clinical and administrative resources and in program and service line development.


Accreditation and Compliance:

Establishes and supports programs to address accreditation needs, and is accountable for ensuring appropriate Federal, State and Local regulatory agencies’ requirements are met.



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Medical Office Assistant

Department: Quality
Reports to: Population Health Nurse / Care Coordinator


Job Summary:

The Medical Office Assistant (MOA) will support the Gulf South Quality Network, L.L.C. (GSQN) clinical integration network by assessing and managing information from multiple data sources such as census reports, emergency department utilization, and gaps in care reports. The MOA will work in multiple databases to manage patient population, prioritize outreach and offer clerical support to the Care Coordinators.
Job Duties:

  • Telephonic member outreach to ensure patient follow-up with PCP and complete treatment plan
  • Promote “Care in the Right Setting”
  • Maintain records of case management activities
  • Refer members to Population Health Nurse, as needed
  • Assist Population Health Nurse and Quality Analyst in quality initiatives


Job Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a medical office
  • Certified as a medical assistant
  • Strong communication, organizational, and administrative skills
  • Strong computer and software skills required
  • Self-starter, goal directed with ability to work independently and stay focused without on-site supervision
  • Ability to communicate effectively with agency staff, upper management and other members of the health care team
  • Ability to prioritize workload

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Metairie, LA

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent


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Population Health Nurse RN

Department: Clinical Operations

Reports to: Director of Clinical Operations

Status: Exempt

Job Summary:

The Population Health Nurse (PHN) will Support the Gulf South Quality Network, L.L.C. (GSQN) clinical integration network by providing network development expertise as a facilitator, change agent, leader and researcher. As an integral member of the healthcare team, the PHN works to ensure the safety, best practices, and high quality standards of care are maintained across the Network. The PHN will be responsible for the oversight and collaboration with members of the quality team to develop process improvement initiatives and monitor the implementation across the Network. The focus is on improving patient experience and outcomes centered on evidence-based, data analytics driven activities/registries/reports for the defined patient population. The PHN will serve as point of reference and communication hub throughout the Network. The PHN will work primarily in the ambulatory setting, working with physician practices; cultivating a relationship with physician staff and will serve as an extension of that office staff. The PHN will be a patient advocate for members associated with GSQN’s quality programs.


Job Duties:

  • Designing, enhancing and evaluating process improvement programs in conjunction with Regional Network staff to facilitate process improvement that promotes improved quality of care across the Network
  • Coordinating process improvement plans in alignment with Network initiatives while fostering a positive environment of change
  • Evaluating process improvement programs to determine effectiveness
  • Report findings of process improvement programs
  • Serve as patient advocate / navigator for healthcare
  • Work one on one with physician practices to manage GSQN populations

Job Qualifications:

  • Experience in HEDIS, PQRS and health plan quality metrics
  • A minimum of five years of experience as a registered nurse
  • EMR experience
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively with agency staff, upper management and other members of the health care team
  • Strong Word and Excel skills
  • Knowledge of effective applications of quality resources, clinical guidelines, and process management initiatives
  • Knowledge of clinical quality outcomes, management concepts and methodologies
  • Self-starter, goal directed with ability to work independently and stay focused without on-site supervision
  • One or more years of experience in ambulatory care or community health nursing
  • Demonstrated skills in teaching, communication, problem-solving, and project management required
  • Process improvement training a plus
  • Travel required

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