Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 6.58.49 AMEast Jefferson General Hospital (EJGH) has been rated No. 1 for 2016 in medical excellence and
patient safety for Overall Hospital Care in the State of Louisiana by the Care-Chex® quality rating
system, putting it at the top of the yearly status rankings.

EJGH is eight spots ahead on the listings of the next closest greater New Orleans area hospital in
the Overall Hospital Care category and is the only regional hospital to earn the coveted “checkplus
plus” rating. The assessment also puts EJGH in the top 90th percentile, or top 10%, of all
hospitals in the nation.

To receive ratings, hospitals are tested in six basic healthcare categories: mortality rate,
complications rate, inpatient quality, process of care, patient safety, and overall patient

For patient safety, the hospital not only ranks at No. 1 in the New Orleans market and in the state,
but also in the top 100 nationally in overall hospital care, overall surgical care, cancer care, and
vascular surgery. EJGH also ranks in the top 100 hospitals in the nation for medical excellence in
overall care, cancer care, gastrointestinal hemorrhage treatment, general surgery, heart failure
treatment, and vascular surgery. For more information visit